Author, Michelle Caple Taylor, D.Min.


Interviewer: Dr. Taylor what is your profession?
Dr. Taylor: Author, Minister

Interviewer: Do you feel this is your purpose? 
Dr. Taylor: I do. I believe my experiences are not for my benefit only but my experiences are to be shared. My experiences are life lessons meant to help someone else along the way who may benefit from my experience.

Interviewer: What is the secret to your success?
Dr. Taylor: Faith. I believe faith is the one component we can't live without in life. Without faith you cease to believe anything is possible. 

Interviewer: What is your biggest accomplishment?
Dr. Taylor: Being a part of giving life. I think the most rewarding experience in my life was having children and raising my children. It is a part of giving back through my life experiences in a way more personal than others. 

Interviewer: What goals and aspirations do you hope to obtain in the future?
Dr. Taylor: I will be the host of my own Television show. More details to come. My novel will also be a TV series.

Interviewer: What was your breakthrough moment like?
Dr. Taylor: I can't say I've reached my break through moment but the moment I knew my potential and I would be successful was when I self published my first book. It was something empowering about taking control of my destiny and what I wanted my life to look like. This is why I love being an author and writing my own story. At the end of my life my story will be a best seller. I would have nothing less. 

Interviewer: Where were you before you became successful? 
Dr. Taylor: Exactly where I am now but better off. Successful for me was a matter of growth and mental stability. I learned that success means different things for different people. I am not wealthy and I will get there. But success for me was discovering my purpose, walking in purpose and now developing that purpose. I had to go through many channels and struggles to get to this point. The Bible says God desire we prosper as our soul prospers. This is not verbatim, but for me I think we have to be mature enough to handle success. Therefore God wishes we have the mental capacity to handle the blessings when they come our way. 

Interviewer: What is it like to be you?
​Dr. Taylor: I think it is both a blessing and sometimes very difficult. I have never been classified as the normal chick ever in my life. I was always different and I never really fit in with any crowd. I knew this as a young child. As an adult I understood I would not live the normality of life as other people. I could never work a nine to five more than a year. I could never feel fulfilled or make myself be happy doing what seemed appropriate for others. I soon realized that in order for me to be successful and be happy I had to accept I was not normal. I was above normal and I was destined to do whatever my mind could comprehend. I tested the waters by writing a few poems and getting them published, then on to self publishing, then to modeling, then to trying to obtain a national publishing deal. I did all of it and then I pushed my self educationally.  I met those challenges and now on to bigger things. In being me I loss some friends, gained a few true ones, but most of all I had to believe in me.  A lot of times all I had was me who could see the vision God has placed on my life. Through it all I would not choose to be anyone else in this world. I love me. I love everything about me and the person I am. I'm pretty spectacular. 

Interviewer: How do you deal with Success?
Dr. Taylor: At this point in my life I'm defining what success is and as I grow I will answer that through my accomplishments. 

Interviewer: What are you working on these days?
Dr. Taylor: I am working on preliminary works for my novel Troubles Won't Last Always to be a TV series. 

Interviewer: If you had to tell your story, what would be your testimony?
Dr. Taylor: I would tell the world nothing happens without hard work and effort. Before the effort is established you have to have faith and believe God put us all here with a purpose in mind. The main purpose was for God to love on us and in that love for us to share that love in the way of purpose. It is inside of you and you intuinely know when purpose is calling your name. So many odds were against me. But God. My testimony is simply I didnt and don't have old money, married money or connected to famous people that someone can pull me up. I'm from a small county called Stony Creek that if you blink you will miss it. But faith and faith has allowed doors to open for me. If I can do all this with nothing  imagine what you can do with a little faith.