Tina Bonner’s Story…

I was determined to steer my own life before my feet were even long enough to reach the pedals. On the weekends, while my friends were playing with Barbie dolls, I somehow managed to put together a snow cone stand and hired 2 other 9 year old employees – one to shave the ice and one to pour over the flavor – while I collected the dough. In middle school my interest in business continued to flourish, but it was high school where I discovered my love for marketing.  

In 11th grade, I randomly took a fashion marketing class, and the teacher convinced me to join DECA, the most competitive international business and marketing competition at the high school level. Without any knowledge of how massive DECA was, I joined simply because I wanted more extracurricular activities on my college resume. A semester later I was completely immersed and went on to take 1st place in my cluster for critical thinking and creative problem solving. It was that moment that I realized I had a gift for marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Six months after graduating from college, I dissolved from the club scene and began to pursue my love for entrepreneurship and started a mobile app company. Within a few months the company was boasting high clientele such as Park at 14th and celebrity DJ Quicksilva, to name a few. But finally after years of constant learning, lane switching, ladder climbing and life hacks, I crossed paths with The O Agency, a powerhouse sports and marketing agency in the DC area boasting major NFL and NBA clientele. Within 5 months of “testing the waters” we merged companies and The O Agency named me Partner and Chief Marketing Consultant.

The last 7 years I’ve been cutting my own checks, and over the last decade I’ve consumed countless information on business, branding, marketing and everything in between in order to create the life I want. But…if there is one thing I love more than being the boss, it’s helping others.

And that’s why I started my blog. To provide as much value as possible by sharing knowledge, tools, and strategies given the experiences I’ve had over the last few years of building a sustainable business. If you like what you see (or don’t like it) let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback. Together our success is inevitable. Let’s get it!

And Tina’s story does not end there, she was named WKYS’ 93.9 Top 30 under 30 of the young professionals striving for excellence and making a difference. Tina is a trendsetter making power moves...Let's go!